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Rom Writer MiniPro 사용법

Rom Writer 사용법 동영상입니다.

MiniPRO TL866CS USB Universal Flash EEPROM Programmer

How to use EEPROM Flash Programmer

AVR series, single-chip, high speed programming

PIC series 8-bit micro controller programming

High-performance BIOS programme

Serial 24 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 93 series programming

Supports WIN2000 / WINXP / WIN2003 / WIN2008 / VISTA / Windows7

This video is designed to be a guide. Please note that other complications may exist that aren't addressed in this guide. While we always strive to provide accurate and detailed information, we can't guarantee that it will fix your TVs issues.
ShopJimmy is not responsible for any harm that you may cause to yourself or damage to your TV, during the repair process.
Try all repairs and troubleshooting at your own risk. Be sure to take all of the proper safety precautions.
In this video we will show how to use the minipro TL866CS eeprom programmer.
Here we have the box for the eeprom programmer and all of its contents along with two adapters.
In the box, you will receive a mini cd, with programming software, a USB cable to connect the programmer to your computer, nine blank eeproms, the programmer, and two adapters.
This is how to connect the USB cable to the programmer.
The other end here, connect to the USB port on your computer.
Start by flipping up the lever, then place your adapter into the slots, on the top of the programmer.
Be sure to align pin 1 as shown in the diagram on the programmer.
Once the adapter is in place push the lever down to securely lock it.
Push down on the top of the adapter to open the pin terminals.
Correctly align pin one on the eeprom according to the diagram on the programmer. Once the eeprom is aligned, use the tweezers to push down on the top of the eeprom to hold it in place, and then release the top of the adapter to create the best connection.
Open the programming software.
Choose the device to program to.
Load the file to be programmed.
Click on the programming button.
Click Program.
Programming should begin immediately.
If you receive this error, go back and reseat the eeprom in the adapter and then try again. If you receive the error 5 times, it means there could be something wrong with the actual eeprom, and you should try a different eeprom.
The yellow light on the programmer, will light up when programming.
Programming time can vary depending on the file size.
You may also receive an error halfway through the programming. At that point, that means there is something wrong with the chip and you should try a different eeprom.
Next, we will show how to read data from the eeprom, and save it to burn to a new chip.
If the chip is damaged or corrupt, you will not be able to read the original data.
Select the device you are reading from.
Click the Read from Chip button.
Click Read.
After the read is successful, click Cancel.
Click Save.
Choose a location to save the data.
Click OK, after a successful save.

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CH341a – minimal usage guide | how to read & write a motherboard BIOS

This is a minimal usage guide where I tell how to use the CH341a USB flash programmer to read or write a motherboard BIOS. It can be used to restore a bricked motherboard or write a modified BIOS on a motherboard with a write-protected BIOS chip.

A text version of this guide is available on my website:

Required software for this guide:
- UEFITool:
- AsProgrammer:

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